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CMI has obtained, after a regular and extraordinary surveillance visit to extend the services for the field in testing of electricity meters, new Certificate of Accreditation with Annexe for the CMI Testing Laboratory.

Published 26. 02. 2016

Since January 2016 CMI has introduced a new calibration service - calibration of particle counters. Details can be found here.

Published 29. 01. 2016

On April 20th, 2016 the Directive MID in the version 2004/22/ES is repealed and replaced by a version 2014/32/EU and the Directive NAWID in the version 2009/23/ES is repealed and replaced by a version 2014/31/EU. CMI as a Notified Body has adopted certain principles for module B specified in an information leaflet of the General Director.

Published 24. 02. 2016


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