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Weighing Instruments - NAWID

Czech Metrology Institute is listed as Notified Body 1383 in information system of European Commission NANDO:

ČMI as Notified Body offers conformity assessment of non-automatic weighing instruments according to Directive 2014/31/EU.

All permitted procedures for assessing the conformity of non-automatic weighing instruments with a detailed description according to the European Commission's "Blue Manual" are listed here. The list of possible procedures is:

- non-automatic weighing instruments - B+F, B+D, G


Contact in case of questions, remarks, complains etc.:

Český metrologický institut

Mgr. Jan Kalandra

Okružní 31

638 00 BRNO

e-mail: jkalandra [at] cmi [dot] cz (subject: Jan%20Kalandra) (