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Issued national standards of Czech republic

The approval of a national standard and its introduction into use has precisely defined rules. Once the complete documentation necessary for the approval and publication of the state standard has been prepared, the Czech Metrology Institute will submit the documentation and then discuss it in the Scientific Council of the CMI in the pressence of the field supervisor and the proposer. In the case of a positive recommendation of the Scientific Council, the CMI will submit the proposal to the Metrology Department of the Office for Technical Standardisation, Metrology and State Testing and at the same time propose three opponents. The actual opposition to the national standard is organised by the CMI. The Board of Opponents shall be composed as follows:

  • representative of the Metrology Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade,
  • representative of the relevant technical commitee of the Metrology Council,
  • representative of the Scientific Council of the CMI,
  • responsible person in the field,
  • Director for Fundamental Metrology of the CMI,
  • three independent external referees nominated by the CMI and approved by the Metrology Department of the ÚNMZ.

The result of the review is an assessment of the scientific and technical level of the benchmark and, in the case of a positive review, a recommendation for approval. The CMI will forward the results of the opposition procedure to the Metrology Department of the ÚNMZ for discussion in the Metrology Council and for further proceedings after the proposal for approval and publication of the natioanl standards has been submitted to the President of the ÚNMZ. After the approval of the national standard by the President of the Office of Metrology, the Metrology Department shall publish a report on the approval of the standard in the Bulletin of the Office of Metrology. For the approved state standard, the statutory representative of the CMI appoints a guarantor who establishes and maintains an authorised standard logbook.