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EMPIR (H2020)

The European Commission has released the proposal for the participation by the European Union in the “European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research” (EMPIR) undertaken by several Member States. EMPIR, which will be administered under Horizon 2020 in the years 2014 - 2020, is the successor to the original initiative "European Metrology Research Programme", comprising 22 national metrology institutes. The overarching goal of this initiative is to address the challenges faced by the European Metrology Research System and provide integrated metrology solutions supporting innovation and industrial competitiveness in order to tackle societal challenges such as health, environment and energy including support to policy development and implementation. A planned budget of the initiative for the years 2014-2020 is €600 million, where the EU and Member States will each contribute a half of this amount.

1. EMPIR Call 2014: Metrology fo Industry and Research Potential 

2. EMPIR Call 2015: Metrology for Health and SI Broader Scope

3. EMPIR Call 2016: Metrology for Energy and Environment 

4. EMPIR Call 2017: Metrology for Fundamental and Industry 

5. EMPIR Call 2018: Metrology for Health and Support for Networks

6. EMPIR Call 2019: Metrology for Energy, Environment, Normative, Research Potential and Support for Impact

7. EMPIR Call 2020: Metrology for Industry, Fundamental, Normative, Support for Networks and Support for Impact


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