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Economic operators putting these instruments on the EU market and/or into use have to get prepared for entering into force of the new Directive EU 2014/31/EU. CMI as a Notified Body no. 1383 has prepared to this matter the information here.  

Published 22. 06. 2015

Material measures of length belong to very important measuring instruments in industrial companies producing goods with one prevailing dimension (tapes). To carry out corresponding tests on these instruments CMI has recently acquired a special measuring instrumentation - for details see here.  

Published 15. 05. 2015

CMI has put into operation a new mobile piston prover with the flowrate rangup to 750 m3/h. The prover will be used for any needed on-site metrological operations for flowmeters - ranging from calibrations up to modules F and G of conformity assessment under the EU Directive MID. Details are given here

Published 20. 04. 2015


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