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3. EMPIR Call 2016

In 2016 EURAMET issued calls for joint research for 'Metrology for Energy', 'Metrology for Environment', 'Metrology for Normative' and 'Research Potential' following a two stage process.

EURAMET also issued a Call for Support for Impact projects designed to increase the impact from completed i-MERA Plus and EMRP projects.

Metrology for Energy 

The following 9 projects have been selected (5 with the participation of CMI - in bold):

16ENG01MetroHyVeMetrology for hydrogen vehicles
16ENG02PV-EnerateAdvanced PV energy rating
16ENG03HyMetHybrid metrology for thin films in energy applications
16ENG04MyRailSMetrology for smart energy management in electric railway systems
16ENG05BiomethaneMetrology for biomethane
16ENG06ADVENTMetrology for advanced energy-saving technology in next-generation electronics applications
16ENG07MultiFlowMet IIMultiphase flow reference metrology
16ENG08MICEVMetrology for inductive charging of electric vehicles
16ENG09LNG IIIMetrological support for LNG and LBG as transport fuel

Metrology for Environment 

The following 10 projects have been selected (6 with the participation of CMI - in bold):

  Euramet website Project website 
16ENV01MercOxMetrology for oxidised mercury 
16ENV02Black CarbonMetrology for light absorption by atmospheric aerosols 
16ENV03MetEOC-3Further metrology for earth observation and climate 
16ENV04PreparednessMetrology for mobile detection of ionising radiation following a nuclear or radiological incident 
16ENV05MetNO2Metrology for nitrogen dioxide 
16ENV06SIRSMetrology for stable isotope reference standards 
16ENV07AEROMETAerosol metrology for atmospheric science and air quality
16ENV08IMPRESS 2Metrology for air pollutant emissions 
16ENV09MetroDECOM IIIn situ metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities 
16ENV10MetroRADONMetrology for radon monitoring 

Metrology for Normative

The following 8 projects have been selected (2 with the participation of CMI - in bold):

16NRM01GRACEDeveloping electrical characterisation methods for future graphene electronics
16NRM02SURFACEPavement surface characterisation for smart and efficient road lighting
16NRM03RTNORMkQ factors in modern external beam radiotherapy applications to update IAEA TRS-398
16NRM04MagNaStandTowards an ISO standard for magnetic nanoparticles
16NRM05Ion gaugeTowards a documentary standard for an ionisation vacuum gauge
16NRM06EMIRIMImprovement of emissivity measurements on reflective insulation materials
16NRM07Vector SARSAR measurement using vector probes
16NRM08BiRDBidirectional reflectance definitions

Research Potential 

The following 3 projects have been selected (1 with the participation of CMI - in bold):

16RPT01ChemMet-CapDevelopment of scientific and technical capabilities in the field of chemical analysis
16RPT02ALCOREFCertified forensic alcohol reference materials

Developing research capabilities for traceable intraocular pressure measurements

Koordinátorem Dominik Pražák (ČMI)

Support for Impact 

The following 1 project have been selected (without the participation of CMI):

16SIP01Bio-standNew underpinning standards for improved bio-analytical measurement in Biotechnology & In vitro Diagnostics