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Unit of Frequency Engineering and Software Validation


8552 - oddělení kmitočtového inženýrství a validace softwaru
Hvožďanská 2053/3, 148 00 Praha - Chodov

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Další služby

Frequency engineering

  • Complex technical support for planning, frequency design and international coordination of TV and radio networks (DVB-T, DVB-T2, T-DAB+, VHF-FM, etc.)
  • frequency planning and design of microwave directional links, including quality calculations
  • calculations and analysis of radio signal coverage, evaluation of the covered area and population, calculations and analysis of mutual interference in radio communication networks, design of antenna systems for the required coverage, etc.
  • evaluation of the quality of radio communication services
  • verification of the compatibility of the aeronautical radio navigation service with VHF FM radio transmitters
  • solving the issues of current and future use of the frequency spectrum in the Czech Republic
  • work within international organisations, in particular CEPT, ITU, EBU
  • preparation of complete documentation for national and international frequency coordination of newly introduced radio communication systems and individual stations, preparation of applications to the CTU
  • providing comprehensive software support for frequency planning and design of radio communication networks
  • consulting, training and scientific and technical activities in the field of frequency spectrum use

Software validation

  • The laboratory is accredited according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) for testing metrology software in measuring instruments according to:
    • WELMEC Guide 7.2
    • OIML D 31
    • OIML R 49
    • OIML R 117
    • OIML R 139
    • EN 45501:2015, Annex E, G
  • The department provides services in the framework of type approval according to MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) 2004/22/EC, which sets the basic requirements for measuring instruments operating in the EU. Software assessment is performed according to the recommendations of WELMEC Software Guide 7.2.
  • We deal with measuring instruments regulated by the MID Directive, which are:
    • water meters
    • gas meters and gas quantity calculators
    • electricity meters for measuring active energy
    • thermal energy meters
    • metering systems for measuring quantities of liquids other than water
    • scales with automatic operation
    • taxameters
    • instruments for measuring dimensions

              and their add-on modules/instruments which further process or store the measured data.

  • We also perform software assessments of measuring instruments according to national legislation and OIML requirements.
  • The laboratory also participates in the determination of software requirements, their validation and verification both at national, European (WELMEC manuals) and world level (OIML scheme).
  • We participate in international projects focused on software and digitalisation in metrology. We are working on a systematic solution for the implementation of technologies supporting digitalization, BIG DATA issues and the area of digital transformation for metrology and Industry 4.0. We are also analyzing the needs and impacts of digitalization in the regulated sphere.