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Emission reference standard

Project name: Emission reference standard

Project programme: ZETA 4

Project code: TJ04000521

Project provider: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Project implementation: 1.7.2020 - 30.6.2022

Responsible project coordinator: Mariana Bilousová, CMI

Project coordinator of CMI: Ing. Mariana Bilousová

Other project participants: none

Project management summary: The aim of the project is to build a reference standard for the emission of alpha and beta surface radionuclide sources and to produce a summary technical report. International Standard ISO 8769:2016 (ISO 8769:2017), which specifies the requirements for reference area sources, recommends that the reference laboratory determines the certified source emission value using a large area 2π proportional computer. CMI owns a suitable large area proportional computer and uses it for output control of manufactured radionuclide sources. Its metrological properties appear to be suitable for the purpose, but without further applied research it cannot be immediately used as a standard of emission quantity. The preparation of the announcement of a future reference standard represents a considerable amount of research and technical-administrative work.