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Unit of weights and measures


2051 - oddělení měr a vah
U Sirkárny 33/5, 370 04 České Budějovice

Vnitřní organizační jednotka

Head of Department


Obory kalibrací

  • time and frequency
  • mass
  • volume
  • flow

Kalibrované přístroje

  • volume checking alcoholmeters
  • static storage tanks
  • positive displacement flow meters
  • positive displacement flow meters for liquid fuels
  • transport containers and tanks
  • metal standard measures
  • glass ware equipment
  • stopwatches with mechanical start/stop
  • weights of classes E2 (according to OIML R111)
  • weights of classes F1 (according to OIML R111)
  • weights of classes F2 (according to OIML R111)
  • weights of classes M1 (according to OIML R111)
  • standard weights
  • special weights
  • other tangible bodies
  • weights of classes M2 (according to OIML R111)
  • weights of classes M3 (according to OIML R111)
  • non-automatic weighing instruments
  • automatic weighing instruments

Další služby

  • carrying out inspections of prepackaged goods in accordance with §9a of Act No. 505/90 Coll. on Metrology, as amended
  • performance of state metrological control of measuring instruments, state metrological supervision (at authorised metrological centres, at manufacturers and repairers of specified measuring instruments, at users of measuring instruments)
  • registration of entities carrying out production, repair and assembly of specified measuring instruments - § 14, 19 of Act 505/1990 Coll. on Metrology as amended
  • advisory, consulting and training activities in the field of metrology