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Quality Management System

For all performed calibrations CMI has a unified quality system, which fulfills the requirements of CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (is in compliance with CSN EN ISO 9001:2016). This quality system is documented in the quality manual of CMI and in the quality manuals (it unifies QMS and at the same time it is quality manual for testing and calibration laboratory) of the internal organization units (Certification of products, etc.). The quality manuals can be shown to customers on request.

CMI is the signatory for the Czech Republic of the international Arrangement of the CIPM MRA on mutual recognition of national standards and calibration certificates published by the national metrology institutes (NMIs) that signed the arrangement. In agreement with this document measurements provided in the fields, ranges and with calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC), given in the BIPM database , are accepted by the other signatory NMIs. The mutual recognition of calibration certificates within the scope of the CIPM MRA is based on mutual confidence, supported by successful international measurement comparisons, in which CMI regularly participates. To increase the confidence an international audit of the CMI quality system took place in 2002 within the working group of EUROMET QS FORUM. All NMIs participated in this project had sufficient confidence in the QS of the CMI laboratories concerned and their ability to fulfill the requirements of the MRA. In agreement with these facts, the general director of CMI published a Self-declaration of quality system in CMI. Reports about quality systems of CMI and CMI designated institutes are sent every year to Technical Committee for Quality of EURAMET and they are assessed by this Committee. CMI and CMI designated institutes presented successfully their quality system in the year 2009 and 2015. In 2020 the CMI management system was successfully prezented and defended again.

CMI quality policy 

The objective of CMI quality policy is the completion, maintenance and development of a unified national metrology system in the Czech Republic. For the benefit of integrity of the national metrology system and in correspondence with the requirements of national economy the CMI top management has defined a Quality policy statement. In agreement with Arrangement of the CIPM MRA the CMI general director published a Self-declaration of quality system in CMI.

Technical competence of CMI

CMI General Director issued document with declaration of CMI technical competence for metrology services.

List of granted accreditation