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Seznam rezervací metrologických služeb

    Zrušení rezervace

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    Obory kalibrací

    • electricity and magnetism

    Kalibrované přístroje

    • antennas

    Další služby

    • Tests in following fields:
      • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI),
      • radio equipment,
      • elektrical safety.

    Laboratory of electromagnetic compatibility (ECM), radio equipment and electric safety

    Head: Ing. Karel Pitaš,

    The laboratory forms testing facility for CMI Notified Body No. 1383 for:

    • Directive 1999/5/EC – Radio and Telecommunikation Terminal Equipment
    • Directive 90/384/EEC – Non Automatic Weighing Instruments
    • Directive 2004/22/EC – Measuring Instruments
    • as well as for Certification body for product certification

    The laboratory is accredited to perform tests acc ording to product standards (EN, OIML) of products such as:

    Measuring instruments, Information technology equipment, weighting equipment,
    controlling and laboratory equipment, power meters, flow meters, medical equipment,
    automotive industry components, railway applications, house appliances, machines,
    electrical tools, lighting equipment, alarm systems, machines with combust motors, remote
    controls, telemetry products, RF alarm systems and other Short Range Devices (SRD), radio
    access controls, Bluetooth equipment, radio transmitters and transceivers, sound and TV
    broadcasting transmitters, microwave equipment, power transformers and device components.

    List of accredited standards from all branches is available on request.
    The laboratory offers specialized services during development period.


    Electromagnetic compatibility

    The laboratory covers all EMC tests and (EMI and EMS) acc ording to product, generic and basic standards e.g.

    • measurement of disturbing voltage and current on equipment ports – frequency range 9 kHz – 30 MHz
    • disturbing power measurement – frequency range 30 MHz – 300 MHz
    • electromagnetic field measurement – frequency range 9 kHz – 26000 MHz
    • harmonic components measurement of industrial frequency 50 Hz current and voltage for 1 and 3 phase equipment
    • flicker measurement
    • ESD – electrostatic discharge
    • Radiated immunity (26 MHz – 4 GHz)
    • fast transients / Burst
    • surge
    • conducted immunity (150 kHz – 230 MHz) and BCI tests (automotive industry)
    • magnetic fields immunity
    • short interruptions

    Laboratory equipment:

    • anechoic hall for EMI and EMS testing. Main parameters of the anechoic hall are:

    • frequency range 20 MHz – 26 GHz, measuring distances 10 m a 3 m enable to perform testing according to standards as EN 55011 and EN 60601-1-2 without limitation
    • turntable diameter 4 m, max permitted load 2000 kg
    • entry gate dimensions 3 m x 2.5 m (W x H)
    • possibilities of external equipment connections (coaxial cables, data lines, optical cables, ethernet)
    • exhaust system of the anechoic hall enables combust motor testing
    • software controlled testing enables automated tests

    • 2 shielded rooms for conducted measurements (both EMI)
    • specialized workplaces for immunity testing (ESD, burst, surge, conducted immunity and others)
    • mobile laboratory for on site testing of railway and other vehicles

    Radio equipment

    The laboratory is accredited and tests according to harmonized standards radio equipment

    • operating in the frequency band from 9 kHz up to 40 GHz
    • with RF output power at the antenna connector or radiated from μW up to kW

    Radio and telecommunication terminal equipment shall fulfil the essential requirements
    according to the Directive 1999/5/EC (R&TTE directive) which are defined in the harmonized
    standards alternatively the conformity shall be assessed by notified body. The parameters
    which influence the effective use of the frequency spectrum are in the scope of the evaluation.

    The laboratory covers tests and measurements as:

    • transmitter RF power conducted or radiated
    • frequency error
    • adjacent channel power
    • spurious emissions (conducted or radiated)
    • receiver sensitivity (BER, SINAD)
    • parameter measurement under normal and extreme test conditions
    • measurement of other parameters according to harmonized standards

    Laboratory equipment:

    • small anechoic chamber for measurement the radio equipment radiation
    • shielded chamber with climatic chamber for tests of the radio parameters under normal and extreme test conditions
    • specialized test equipment for tests of radio equipment

    Electrical safety

    The laboratory is accr edited and tests acc ording to harmonized
    standards the equipment produced by the electrotechnical industry :
    Electrical and electronic products and radio and telecommunication terminal equipment
    shall fulfil the essential requirements according to the Directive 2006/95/EC (Low voltage
    directive) and Directive 1999/5/EC (R&TTE directive).The fundamental parameters are
    defined in harmonized standards.

    The laboratory covers tests and measurements in the field of electrical safety as:

    • needle-flame test method and glowing/hot-wire based test methods
    • touch current and current through protective conductor
    • specific dielectric strength, insulating and contact resistance
    • input and output parameters of equipment
    • normal and abnormal operation of equipment, including temperature rise
    • resistance to humidity
    • mechanical resistance and strength
    • resistance to heat
    • resistance to short circuit and overload
    • access to hazardous part
    • environmental testing

    Laboratory equipment:

    • climatic chamber for temperature range from -25 °C to +100 °C and humidity from 10 % to 95 %
    • heating chamber up to 300 °C and volume 80 l
    • workplace for the fire testing
    • generators of pulse wave 1.2 μs/50 μs a 10 μs/700 μs
    • measuring and ancillary equipment for above mentioned tests