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Certification of electricity meters - new requirements

Submitted by pklenovsky on 26 January, 2021 - 16:53

In  2017 a new standard EN 62052-31:2016 (identical with IEC 62052-31:2015) "Electricity metering equipment (AC) - General requirements, tests and test conditions - Part 31: Product safety requirements and tests“ was published. The deadline to adapt all the national standards was set down at 17.6.2019. Subsequently, in May 2019 the standard EN 50470-3 “Electricity metering equipment (a.c.). General requirements, tests and test conditions. Metering equipment (class indexes A, B and C)” + A1:2018 was issued (everything also as BS standards). This amended standard includes also the requirements and tests from EN 62052-31 – these are various safety-oriented tests. Again, all the national standards have to be adapted by August 27, 2021. The consequences are clear: as EN 50470-3 is a harmonized standard to MID MI-003 since that time all the MID certifications of electricity meters have to include those tests as well. CMI is, after some technical work, able to make all those tests (1 certificate has already been issued). In case of interest please contact Mr. Jiri Streit jstreit et or Mr. Petr Jakubik pjakubik et