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Internal Organizational Unit (IOU)


Centre for certification of medical devices


Adresa: Hvožďanská 2053/3, 148 00 Praha - Chodov


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Medical Devices Certification Center (CMI Medical) is an internal organizational unit of CMI, which was entrusted with the preparation of the application for designation of CMI by a notified body in the field of conformity assessment of medical devices under Regulation (EU) No. 2017/745 (MDR).

The CMI application was submitted for all conformity assessment activities according to MDR – conformity assessment based on quality management system, assessment of technical documentation, and production quality assurance for 20 basic and 18 horizontal (MDR) codes. The competent authorities are currently in the process of reviewing the application and verifying that all the necessary conditions for the designation of CMI as a notified body for this area have been met.

In case of appointment of CMI as a notified body for the area of ​​conformity assessment of medical devices according to the MDR, CMI Medical will ensure the provision of services of the notified body CMI in the field of certification of medical devices and supervisory activities. The services of the notified body will be carried out on the basis of a contract concluded with the customer - the manufacturer of medical devices.

  • The scope of the application of CMI (list of MD codes) is available here
  • Contact person: Ing. Jan Kavalírek, phone: +420 728 472 322, e-mail:

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