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Conformity assessment procedures

There is a list of all conformity assessment procedures including detail description according to "Blue Guide"  of European Commision to download. List of applicable procedures for measuring instruments is:

1. Non-automatic weighing instruments - B+D, B+F, G (D1,F1 for systems without electrionic devices or spring to balance the load)

2. Water meters - B+F, B+D, H1

3. Gas meters, volume conversion devices B+F, B+D, H1

4. Active electrical energy meters B+F, B+D, H1

5. Thermal energy meters B+F, B+D, H1

6. Measuring systems for continuous and dynamic measurement of quantitie of liquids other than water B+F, B+D, H1, G

7. Automatic weighing instruments B+D, B+E, B+F, D1, E1, G, H1 (depends on kind of systems)

8. Taximeters - B+F, B+D, H1

9. Material measures - material measures of length F1, D1, B+D, H, G

10. Material measures - capacity serving measures A2, F1, D1, E1, B+E, B+D, H

11. Dimensional measuring instruments – length measuring instruments  B+D, B+E, B+F, F1,E1, D1, G, H, H1 (depends on kind of system)