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One of the sources of information on CRM / RM is COMAR database.

COMAR is an international database for certified reference materials (CRM). It contains contact information for CRM products, descriptions (application description, packaging, warehousing), field of application, molds, dies, chemical composition, etc. It also contains additional information on CRM (data files, Certificates, lists, references) and status of quality.

National Center for coding COMAR database is CMI. ( Ing. Jan Beránek )

More information about the history of the database you can find here. (only czech language)

COMAR CRM database can be found at .


Virtual Institute for Reference Materials (VIRM) stands for Virtual Institute for Reference Materials. It is based on the active involvement of a expert consortium from research and development organizations, public and private laboratories, RM producers and industry across Europe. Its purpose is to ease the dissemination of information and advice, knowledge and assistance in the RM and related fields. It also serve as a tool for quality control of analytical measurements.

National contact is  doc. Ing. Jan Kučera, CSc. ( )

Further information you can find  here (only czech language) and at