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Notified body No. 1383 (Authorized body No. 250) for conformity assessment of non-automatic weighing instruments under the Council Directive 90/384/EEC ("NAWI") and measuring instruments under the MID Directive  2004/22/EC  ("MID")  more  >>>

Notified body (Authorized body No. 256) for conformity assessment of Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment under the Directive 99/5/EC    more>>>

Certification body for certification of persons No. 3034 for certification of the metrological competency more about it >>>

Certification body for certification of reference materials (with respect to ISO Guide 31, 34, 35)  more>>>


CMCs (Calibration and Measurement Capabilities) and key comparisons in the field of ionizing radiation.



Draft Resolution A of the Convocation of the next meeting of the CGPM presents the intention of the CIPM to propose a possible future revision of the International System of Units (the SI), based on fixing the numerical values of four invariants of nature: the Planck constant, the elementary charge, the Boltzmann constant and the Avogadro constant.

The BIPM has created a BIPM website ( English version and French version ) dedicated to explaining the <New SI> and giving access to Draft Resolution A as well as Draft Chapter 2 of the next edition of the SI Brochure.





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